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how to cross the street in vietnam

Streetlights are non-existent in Vietnam, and even if they're there, no one abides by them. Pedestrians cross the streets at their own discretion, with cars and scooters swiftly swerving around them. Here are a few tips to keep you alive:
Never speed up or slow down your step, walk confidently, and don't panic. Nothing scares the locals more than tourists freaking out in the middle of the street. Keep your eyes fixed- ahead of you, at your feet, or even closed if you need to. If you need to, wear a diaper, cause you might just crap your pants. 

snippets of saigon

     I was lucky to have gotten in to the Ho Chi Minh City airport at 5AM, before the hustle bustle of the place spun into gear, though I was exhausted after my overly-extended layover in Guangzhou. I caught a taxi into District 1 (the Backpackers' District), and immediately haggled the price down to the equivalent of 7USD (yes, it's possible!). As I was scheduled to arrive well past midnight, I had pre-booked a dorm at Ngọc Thảo Guesthouse for the first night of my trip - a night that I ended up spending in the gritty international terminal of the Chinese airport anyway, miming conversation with an inviting Vietnamese family of 12, - though it is completely unnecessary to do so as there are plenty of hostels and rooms to rent in the area. Once you get over the inevitable fear of crossing the street, you're set.